Chasing Waterfalls!

It's been so hot lately. Unbearably hot. My photography get-up-and-go got up and left. I think it's hanging out next to the AC. Only one cure for this time of year, head to a waterfall to cool off! When my second shooter, Kendra, suggested that we hit up Howland Falls, I wasn't long packing the car! We aimed to get there about dusk, do some photos, then I had plans to 'light paint' the falls in rainbow colours. I'm going to add a spoiler alert here and tell you that you won't see any rainbow falls photos here....

We were going for moody, dark, and even a little creepy, with undertones of confidence and desire. Thankfully Kendra just sort of exudes most of this when she sets her mind to it. The falls were COLD. I got in for a quick swim and then it was down to work. Thankfully the waterproof lipstick stayed on or else I think I would have been editing the blue out of her lips.

I give much credit to Kendra. She stayed in the water while we played with umbrellas and I fooled with lighting. She then changed outfits and got back in to do some more. It was growing dark around us but that was perfect as I could control what was lit with the flash. Kendra had to work largely without direction as we had to yell over the sound of the waterfall to be heard. Eventually I just let her work, while I did the same. The results were perfect for what we were going for!

Time to Leave!

We definitely planned to stay longer. We definitely had more we wanted to do. And we definitely heard coyotes howling in the woods around us. Eeek!! Time to pack up and leave. We grabbed the gear and started to climb back up to the road, both of us using our flashlights to search the woods for the deadly predators. As we neared the car we heard the 'howling' again. It was totally an owl. So I guess next time we head out for a dark photo shoot in the woods we should wear our big girl panties. Hopefully they're waterproof!